Nele Eley (geb. Ondreka)

Nele Eley (geb. Ondreka)

DipECVDI, VetRad - Veterinary Teleradiology Services
Nele Eley is Senior Lecturer for Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Giessen, Germany. She also is Founder & partner in VetRad - a Veterinary Teleradiology, Education and Consulting Company, Founder & part-Owner of the MRI Referral Center VetMRT in the very north of Germany, as well as Founder & partner of the Dysplasia Center Gießen DZG. She is a Board Member of the German Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Council (GRSK) and member of the Hip & Elbow Dysplasia panel of the FCI. Her Scientific Research focuses on Musculoskeletal Imaging, Skeletal Deformities and Cinematic Analysis of Locomotion and Spinal Motion in Dogs. List of Scientific cooperations and publications available upon request.


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