Konferenzprogramm 2021


Wie bereichert man das Leben unserer Patienten?

22 Oct 2021
Konferenzsaal 2

Providing a rich and stimulating environment is a requisite to guarantee the welfare of all animals under human care, including dogs and cats. However, although environmental enrichment is now part of the routine husbandry of wild animals in all modern zoo facilities, its use in companion animals is less common. Environmental enrichment is intended to facilitate the expression of normal patterns of behaviour which show a high motivation, as well as to provide animals with a perception of control over their environment. There is now much evidence showing that environmental enrichment is of paramount importance to meet the behavioural and emotional needs of dogs and cats. Strategies to implement environmental enrichment programs in dogs and cats will be discussed in the presentation.

  • •To understand the concept and main types of environmental enrichment
  • •To understand the main benefits of environmental enrichment for dogs and cats
  • •To understand the ethological basis on environmental enrichment
Dr Tomàs Camps Morey, DVM, MSc, Dip ECAWBM, PhD, director - Etovets


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