Konferenzprogramm 2021


Wenn ich das gewusst hätte, als ich angefangen hatte, wie man das anorexische Kaninchen behandelt, hätte ich es trotzdem getan ...

22 Oct 2021
Konferenzsaal 2

Anorexia is one of the most common reasons for a rabbit to be presented to the veterinary practice. Changes in appetite may be related to dental problems or alternatively any other cause of pain, stress or systemic disease. Prompt treatment and diagnosis of the underlying condition is essential as even a short period of anorexia can have serious consequences for a rabbit. Patients often need significant time and effort to be invested in their care for a successful outcome. This session will cover the approach to the anorexic rabbit, including clinical evaluation, stabilisation and initial diagnostics which can be performed in general practice.

  • •Evaluate the anorexic rabbit
  • •Formulate a diagnostic plan for these cases
  • •Stabilise and treat the most common causes of anorexia in rabbits
Joanna Hedley, BVM&S, DZooMed (Reptilian), DipECZM (Herpetology), MRCVS, Head of Royal Veterinary College Exotics Service - Royal Veterinary College


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