Konferenzprogramm 2021


Game Changers in der Anästhesie und Analgesie bei Reptilien

22 Oct 2021
Konferenzsaal 2

Reptile anaesthesia provides some unique challenges for the veterinary surgeon. Their impressive ability to shunt blood to effectively bypass their pulmonary circulation and capacity for anaerobic metabolism can make gaseous induction a long and unpredictable process. Injectable drugs should in theory result in more reliable sedation, but as with every metabolic process in a reptile, drug metabolism is dependent on external temperature. This session will cover relevant differences in anatomy and physiology and how we can adjust our approach to different snake, lizard and chelonian species. Pre-anaesthetic considerations, stabilisation, induction, maintenance of anaesthesia, analgesia and monitoring techniques will all be discussed, concentrating on the use of drugs and equipment easily available in general practice. Potential complications during anaesthesia and recovery will also be covered, including hints for speeding the recovery process which can often be prolonged.

  • •Understand why reptile anaesthetics can differ from other species and how this affects the protocols used
  • •Formulate an anaesthetic and analgesia plan for a reptile
  • •Be well prepared for a range of different reptile anaesthetic scenarios and know how and why the induction, monitoring and recovery processes will change for each one.
Joanna Hedley, BVM&S, DZooMed (Reptilian), DipECZM (Herpetology), MRCVS, Senior Lecturer in Exotic Species and Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery - Royal Veterinary College


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